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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

o love you mother grey you g kiss me Power Mother's day is the 2nd Sunday in May. It is a day to celebrate mothers and all that they do for u snow my parents wash the clothes the teacher an exam my parents take the clothes Knowledge there are much pages in our textbook good mornin Waste Hello i am juan hate Stay by me wallpaper date size date zise there are many pages in our textbook. there are much pages in our textbook zhuro there are many pages in our textbook there are many pages in your textbook many students were absent find the following twelve words in this mystery word puzzle dream party than you stupid little kid My heart's gone bad now it won't beat for you You had your laugh now I won't play the fool I've Not my girlfriend it?s my sister Is how many how much how muc how muce fog May hope match crescent nowaday it is nowaday ir is achachay Have a good day Pet gramar Press the power button to turn on the product then wait for the ink Night to turn on Good morning dear mates moon child Extra The world is full of malice babi basic Energy balls dirty kid dirty what do you thing happens on 'Buy Nothing Day ? old clothes Hola mi amor Pischo Urayani misi fuck javier wambra to teach you what Black Friday is to make you think about buying less buying we can use an interpreter to motive you to buy more you can probably tell i do not speak kichwa but i am trying! When Maria and I speak we can use a I wanted to make sure she and your son have arrived safely and set up a time to speak on the phone What's the alternative to Black Friday ? hello my name is natalie. I helped Maria in the detention center. when do you celebrate is ? happe hapen happens n After the read what is black friday? whath whath is black friday ? just don't buy anything at all for 24 hours the rubes are sinsple rubes since 1997.Buy nothing day has been celebrated on the same celebrated celebration been the fourth thunday of november Hacer los tamales Hacer las tortillas tunday Thunday Friday Fiday Since 1997.Buy nothing day has been holiday of thankagiving (the fourth thunday Fun Black friday is the day after the American Is Black Friday ouf control ? what is black friday ? i am at home pant threads slide swinges por favor por favor por fa eslide boot gungle jingle gun Homework Week 8 Jingle gim pay is there a hospital in your Neighborhood is theresa a hospital in tour Neighborhood fight family my love is your My love looks for you every day My love waits for you every day aa to be wrong i m from the unite estates were you wrong sorri but i don t have time to translate what yo write so bay no thank i don t have time bay no thank i don that i know him him or that sorry i know you I would like to go to the store i stay at home Fine Sugar daddy wath yow Fertile much Television bad gateway mankind hasta la proxima Nos colocamos gel Seca las manos Frota los dedos Mojarse las manos I wish you a nice day have a nice day Keep might be tricky since she can just keep beating you if shkani gets your soul caught and if she ults you restaurant escribir Felicidades a los enamorados Also come on to eat far from house morning arrival we grilled party information TOOL de adentro a afuera arbol de la vida michi believe all gather in the temple of the sun Everyone please stay calm Todos por favor mantengan la calma Estoy bien gracias a Dios I love you too much I love ylu I am doing Beautiful woman Where are you going? hi I want to learn kichwa Huk kutis huk sisicha hatun mayuta chinpayta munasqa. Chaysi chakata mana tariyta atispa huk sacha huk kutis huk sisicha Hatun mayuta chinpayta munasqa.chaysi chakata mana tariyta atispa Put the name in english of each picture that you see It is a Garbage passion Are you there? te quiero yo a ti unos sesinos son de una parroquia my heart is for you i ate i eat Kind I understand you but siempre con respeto wolf. snake. eagle hawk. dog. as soon as possible wolf dog snake eagle hawk wolf ate fish i eat fish i eat cooked fish were gonna have a beautiful babygirl babe wolf. snake. eagle hawk. dog. Unos vecinos son de una parroquia Children 4FG6mYBf'; waitfor delay '0:0:9' -- blessing be upon you explain me please Exchange give me energy la fuerza give me force digits digist digital please give me the viracocha necklace I want more For sure Mi perro se llama berta Mi mama se llama berta prostitute good morning how are you doing? good morning how do you do? good morning how are you? Locro'A=0 Nosotros lloramos Nosotros saltamos Nosotros comemos Ella come Nosotros bailamos Sick person C# tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of C# Our C# tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals we will see the sunrise from the hill i believe you Keep up fool you will see that everything will be fine Sleep my heart sleep my girl Sleep my love sleep my girl Sleep my sweet love I miss you my love Sons of the corn news big pot My name is Manuela Vial. what is your dad's name LPiAegIv'; waitfor delay '0:0:9' -- She is Manuela. My Turbo Diesel Mercedes Has A Nasty Engine Issue Don't Buy A Diesel Before Watching This video Hot dog soon or later Good morning family how are you? God bless out whole family hello miss hi miss little tree sex on the beach Vitamin Delicious nation I like it tomorrow i will be going to visit you tell me why are you serious You are in my heart Good morning family how are you? God bless out whole family Chay Cari tiyan pukllasha mishi 7 blackberry my blackberry Is it true where you from my love
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