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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

Poop meat shop'[0] delete Amigo I'm eighteen years old Save Health Black gold Go to hell No olvides orar . Stone No LOVE monument MUSIC Healty fruit Healthy fruit uninstall doctor explore Valley I am very Happy'[0] Me too Dear happy birthday happ y birthday como estas Baggage de seguro amaste art nurse MY sayings Thank Foreign Government Hola amigos y amigas de cuarto Bienvenidos y bienvenidas a push Ride Se pelo la piel Baby weight jump drive caminante'A=0 Hi how are you Eagle with the coronavirus pandemic the gouernment is taking some important law s do you agree with the coronavirus pandemic the gouernment is taking some important law s do you agree or Lamp Stomach together write I'm a friend of the cartel Sperm mike tapuk Que se llama tu mama I miss you Grupo 5 Picture Aid'A=0 GO Gossip take care Trust we will rise together we will rise stick together together we are more were all in this together you are not alone when you came into my life use draw Pull ask catch stop Fall Study it was very cold during the ice age Me gusta trabajar vosotros ell Urinate Here are the results for 'maquina de tatuar': task : match each word with the correct definition I'm a Cartel's friend Bath during the ice age it kept them warm but woolly mammoths had thick height food curved tusjs big head short tail i would love to i love it perfumando clover faith hape luck clover yet German online store hello what's your name My neigh my My neigh bood My neighbood Todas las frutas Tribe Nap Fruta sin agua Insect i 'm not gay but is What is your name? Me gusta el quechua Me encantaa el quechua Me enanca el quechua Yo soy la mama de daniel Mi hijo tiene 23 anos te amo bird Place change Exited search mode instituto rata Money pants CONCIENTIZAR A LA CUIDADANIA My quotes Good vibes sad play Hi my name is Maria And I would like to speak this language Child please repeat here we go again Net Red sorry for you this is the best Silly Natural status This is a bear That si a plane That si plane Scorpion Peace Tadpole and you too l love life l like it Metal seen sen dinner current Place'A=0 nosotros bailabamos tu bailabas current weight caya cama Pure spirits Cow Twenty six Twenty six years old 26 years old tikasman Basta de burla al idioma Quichua 50 cinco arm Ocean wataq Good night he Happiness Ya cen? y tu ya comiste mi beb? ? Emotion sun you inspirational live inspirational lives Alli puncha mashikuna kuambraskuna'A=0 Cotton Beauty Heart I am the pastor of Faith Baptist Church on the Galapagos Islands on the Galapagos Islands Hello my name is Danny. Hello my name is I am the pastor of Faith Baptist Church on the Galapagos Islands. riro prevent alli'A=0 breeze Elephant Lightning store Viajo a Italia Vuy a comer enero Voi a tengo libros Voi a comer thank you I love you. I love you so much. ruwan Garden -1));select pg_sleep(3); -- beautiful k'anti good morning now if you'll excuse me i need to complete my work. madrechucha seven sweet river plant stereotypes Certain rarely Correct pero Calm Safe Night Light Thunder nea net the sound of the silence I NEED YOUR CLASS OF KICHWA innocent get a job clean noise sound wherever fit account nasty family how far? freeze The fruits Yes smell touch finger feel player egg rose breath freedom gold fire spirit thirteen eleven white little one energy Puppy -1' OR 3*2>(0 5 524-524) or 'OUxPOou0'=' Zkxm7S8x');select pg_sleep(6); -- tunnel when we're high Mouth Element rabbit Orange Understand angel guaraca Palm los miembros de mi familia Yo amo a todos Bright yellow
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