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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

Creator guide my path Ground tell me the truth lie down child Can you spend a moment for jesus Your welcome aula I like chicha merry christmas mala 110 Chair home are you nice? WHITE CHRISTMAS Oh Yeeah It's already here white Christmas arrived with his mantle of joy everything covers now Hey! It's here it's already w munani Cu?l es tu nombre solution Flames Papa rice Fate Prophecy and Equivocation Just as the Porter in Act 2 extemporizes about the sin of equivocation the play figures equivocation as one of its Pelo Kentucky Fried Chicken apellido perro KARI onone kawana Read and completr use the words in the box help pleasure pod trash africa thank you Cari?o Good night sister hola princesa takes Para cocina Sun god e commerce shite No Nuque Ref Roots From the bottom of my heart Crap Show good buy Wahas Esoteric Dear Laura Resau I thought that the book was very good I have realized that many people have been through a lot of problems. The story was very insp z path join where were you born Park GRASS write house the noise of a cursed life sopa de ava new york Snack 976 earth Munajae everithing is ok Tarpunkusun sarata less 101. world 102 year 103. before 104. state 105. against 106. bell 107. shape 108. case 109. nothing 110. to do zhungo Reservation excuse me what the fuck? united states of america orquesta tickle unique ellla Mi cu?ado bio un camino yo curare wake up vshuto angel Tape change Deter dod kikin mana yachanki chaymanta mana casuni my princess Organic food Der einsame Hirte how old are you mashi Nice to see you whole i want you to know ''''' Red glass Miracle 10 Tigre el perro se esta aogandose scratch Sexo thanks Ricurishka cinema d plato grandeza skaiblue thin jirafa Open venus 948 purple healthy hellow Let me see you'A=0 This fucking place does not translate properly Land Have a beautiful day Style season corn HATUN YACHANA WASI task Thank you my name s veronica l m your english teacher wat s your name Image infecciones You treat me just like another stranger this is new No puedes comprar la lealtad no puedes comprar la devocion de corazones mentes y almas tienes que ganar estas cosas EAT carne what is your name? Me feel tinder you are a fucking bult Opera easy murmur Wood roll" and "x"="x los matematicos here So sorry drump good morning market do not ignore me Cuatro trayectos diccionary think tank his Hombre ura kepenene this is my happy pkace Rikra I love you mom tale Hi how are you? afortunado diligente negro alto directo negro amable dos nueve amable duro obsecuente amarillento hijo de la tierra Your Alangasi My name is Awka Willka I will continue my walk Homework How are you? fuygfvkuhn Soulmate Sad Survey Stick FELICIDAD Travel pants shirt hat socks dress underwear tshirt shoes fog For to They are nice Fokion Features Candle Knowledge Brothers and sisters starfish explore Vale Hope pintura sexting One raimin boy place of tranquility i will come to visit you ganaderia ''''''' we are the champions who is that man I love you like a love song baby Pixel fuck directora ethereal rainforest jorge glas permiso maxembroidery Boolean amazon If norte II Destruir el medio ambiente estan estupido como cortar la rama que nos esta sosteniendo hwat is your name souls stolen key Suelo 768 escencia I seek strength not to be stronger than my brother but to fight my worst enemy: myself. give dignity bouch What is Eight lagune deep into my heart system Aura what your name i love them my loves A specific focus study was carried out with the objective of developing a systematization of practical experiences from the internship during the pre- what is the name of your community 442 I like your egg hojas star Palabra GENDER deception Escuelaa Else Naked prepared Hombre de las nieves fresh mashua Azul Porcion extra We are here to show you this video sweet and coffee Natural comida vet Brave horse Awka Willkaj encontrar rotten old house for the rotten men peace Mujer WEAN Song of the wind tgh ever when i do not feel it you working nariz verano dos live cinco El rico Time out fix don't Moon my love Case Wine Blak Read and complete use the words in the box Integer world Tu comes arroz Frontal belly valentine's day Tan bello es el sol tan bella es la luna alguien como tu no la cambio por ninguna oh lef nel pastel like my life had change String we
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