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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

fea fart eye espejo esfero enjoy and live done with it discount diez destroy creacion cosecha chupar chompa chacana cartera caro card express card came here buen apetito blind I dream about the sea Chicha bowls Elders absolutely Have you be here alone Whats this Order the words BOOL Jar Favorite pet: hi how a Time Read and completr use the words in the box help pleasure pod trash africa thank you dod Stick Fokion i love them my loves WEAN Read and complete use the words in the box nel pastel RRILLA ama shuyawaychu Luz Maria :'( mikungui nirkani kunanga mikuytapash na mikunayan :'( Achitaytaguwan shuyawangui hawa pachaman apapay Tayta Di My house new is very beautiful 358 So sorra Both of you make me shy pants shirt hat socks dress underwear tshirt shoes ok you are so beautiful I don't know if I deserve you I'm sad when I'm with you I'm dying without you no no no trinidade circle the word that doesn´t belong in each griup HELP MOUSE OMAIGAD Fate Prophecy and Equivocation Just as the Porter in Act 2 extemporizes about the sin of equivocation the play figures equivocation as one of its full splend belle travel up! Coman mamey Listen andcheck Paintbrush Scissors Yes it is Is the street long flag door ceiling Mandraque look listen and say faire fair Believe the preservation of the favoried wake me up yes i did Let?s have sex I am a girl 498 Pisaron calculadora Hi I love all your music Nice videos I dont know what to say? laboratory laboratorio gelato rico delicious frozt frost guati I love you like a love song baby Longo Mis costumbres son mantener organizado mi cuarto porque en ese sentido mis padres son muy estrictos Palabras con za Mis costumbres son mantener mi cuarto organizado porque en ese sentido mis padres son muy estri You are welcome pork with caramel seven paint The condors flute Thank you good meeting you youuu understand ther is no head structure sol poniente september read pasa tiempo partes del cuerpo natural energy my name is alex moverse may chaos bless you mancha manatas mana rini living l love kawsanchik karate inspired i want you house warming hjahak grow gor moning good band farmer expresiones expresion de frio equipo limpio como te llamas cloud caos bless you calor cagas aukary jingle bells abandon -- abandoned -- abate --. abandon -- abandoned -- abate -- Urkupashutikuna Urkupa shutikuna Takey hand and I will show you the word Taca Sleep well Si mi Sauce Place of wonder No se si te merezco Estoy triste cuando estoy contigo Me muero sin ti no no trinidad No se si te merezco Estoy triste cuando estoy contigo Me Malo Made in MANILLA Learn House of peace Hi I love all your music Nice videos I dont know what to say?! Gallinazo king Animalia Kingdom Order: Incertae sedis Family: Catbartidae Genus: Sarcoramphus Scientific Name: Sarcorampbus papa It mainly inhab Estudiar Cuatro recorridos Cuatro pasos Cuatro paseos Cuatro marchas Cuatro marcha Cuatro caminos Conquest Come soon Churuna Churana Chuhu Chora Cheer Chaacracama Cay uchila wawaca tapujunmy. Camino Calm Bolso Birds Bird Best buy BONITO DIA Ashca pagarachu Antakurupi Amarte tanto Always late but worth the wait Adulto viejo Abuelito ALEGRIA A llamado 248 ''' the corn genius under the same roof Wood roll' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '0'='0 soap dark tu mama es la gran fea Do you have any eggs United kingdom always good vibes my name s veronica l m your english teacher wat s your name Strength resilience woman Strength divinity woman Strength divinity woman Strength warrior woman Multa sea Want to have sex with you Hello! My name is ------------ I?m from ----------------. I?m a -------------------in ----------------.I?m -------------- years old and I?m --------- yo soy viuda he pretends to be what is not Golden fruit And yours too kaya Chocolate know kunu marriage mia Gift of peace oval pais en quichua plastic Have a blessed day Have a blessed day brother I am so grateful Maya Primer Rimani Rocky Roll Self-acceptance Sipi Texto Twinkle Water is life ao they are funny under watch carrots apples bananas soup carrot apple banana soup wow ARAWIKUNA Wood roll'||SLeeP(3)&&'1 Wood roll'&&BeNChMaRK(2999999 mD5(NOW()))&&'1 494 who are they ? Feliz Petisa Battle Royale Taita peseta cuy Our Fire and life were merged oh children of mankind fire He has been reborn to vitalize their hearts the daughter of Ignis has been reborn under the ocho I seek strength not to be stronger than my brother but to fight my worst enemy: myself. setup Asnaraca Anita is skating right now Thi is our Drae t Good meeting you have a good day libro How to make a curriculumen 1924 Sinembargo Shane (1981)en su libro Significant Writings that have influenced the curriculum AWAK Any She is Tim i am from greece too I am from greece too Good morning mr smith Paktachirishkamin tullpu Greek They live with her Diane is tall their llankayka kushikuypa shunkumi kan Friend diana and my Height watafac disable kutiy I was she gets up Thank you haves good day you shout te amo amor miio
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