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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

feuer colibri clown That?s true sister Salchicha Photos Our prophecy yuyay unuimiartinian wakerajai shoot passion fruit 338 neighborhood it's too bad it's a pity flowers daredevil chupar Kamuk Four Carishina their chakra 820 sabor Our Diosito wala Fire and life were merged oh children of mankind fire He has been reborn to vitalize their hearts the daughter of Ignis has been reborn under the Duki Wish try ocho wagra I seek strength not to be stronger than my brother but to fight my worst enemy: myself. shes my setup tullpo Enchangar Asnaraca Comman mamey Anchuri Anita is skating right now Thi is our Drae t Good meeting you have a good day libro How to make a curriculumen 1924 Sinembargo Shane (1981)en su libro Significant Writings that have influenced the curriculum Robert AWAK Any Dope Her ym She is First put the orange juice lemon juice sugar and water in a bowl and mix the ingredients. Tim i am from greece too I am from greece too es Good morning mr smith Pepa pig Paktachirishkamin tullpu Greek Cuatro rutas Dear Brother Gale Blessings to you and your family. Diablos El mundo y sus especies En los botes de basura Esta asiendo Explorar Follow your heart Freat Great I dream about the sea Im an all Innovation Inti pakari Joven colegio Natural soulutions Que RANICUNCA SHE IS ROCIO Shot Shuar Sumak warmi Tant Tio bailo viernes Zjjdjdnfxjucuc _kawana about alli punlla amores ango arbol baptism bella came here caro chompa cosecha creacion destroy discount esfero espejo eye fart fea folr glow good morning sister is my bhriday good morning sister is my birthday good morning sister is my brhiday gordo gorra guambra hangover hill horizon horizons i like older ladys internacional ishkay yuayta kishkay shuyucunawan it is nice to meet you joven kiss me latacunga leon lets go home lodge lovo lspiz lyros mauricio michu movie my dog es nicce new traslation paloma pantalo perikote plata primavera querido reunion sapo son sport sportbag studio sumak susurro take me to the river take my hand take the world tarantula tortuga viva el ecuador weloy where the hell is it? Nacion Pilot SEMAFORO Bay bay CITA Cuatro senderos El perro es azul Fruit sauce Greeps Laguna de caballero a ti te quiero ascu buen apetito chacana diez doctor enjoy and live Smooth kanta munani munani yachana pantalon witty fice Death Seven TRYING WEIRD MEXICAN STREET FOOD! quality shopping puspo so identificaria por su vestimenta lettuce WOLVES LIGHTENING THE LIGHT OF THE MOON Mateo Age My name is Awka Willakj Exploring LINDO DIA You make me strong Cuarenta y ocho JOLIA ANILLO clay expose OVERCOME lamb hears autary Emily's tears falls like pearls to the sea A fino putana testa de cassu Alli yachay kuta mashi Dig You is old Huagcha Wakerajai six They participated in an activity y cuando nos vamos DIA SIGUIENTE Lumisajme medicine I want to eat you in the bed Kackanawka apukpak queso i love the pizza adsorbing Mashed fruit Ropas adicta TAYTA adica Peru cuidador deals chakana what is your name ? Rabano Peacock Male and female Class: Gallinaceae Family: Gallinidae Scientific Name: Pavo cristatus Location: They are native to India and the Islands Amazonian tapir Animalia Kingdom Phylum: chordate Genre: tapirus Scientific name: tapirus terrestris Distribution: lives in the rain forests and Harpy Order: accipitriformes Family: accipitriformes Scientific Name: Harpia harpyja Characteristics: the most powerful raptor bird; the average i'll make it up to u guys Chacra Condor life Incubation: the condors lay a single egg every two years. The incubation period of this 57 days. . 2. Plumage The pigeon is fed by hi 1 chillers Class: Birds ? Family: Falconidae Scientific Name: Falco sparverius 2 curiquingues Scientific Name: Pllalcoboelius carculatus Locatio bread They live with her Diane is tall their llankayka kushikuypa shunkumi kan Friend diana and my Height Kim is from watafac disable kutiy roof Born I was Woou jfljf Love you daddy soo much help me They are in Pennsylvania she gets up Thank you haves good day you shout te amo amor miio Name? What's her Caleta Library update parchment paper wtf Hi!!! Thanks for adding my official account! Look out for my new sticker pack coming out this Monday (kidding) Complete the player with the possesive adjetive atesuye gi in jan i wanteb to be with my aunts on the weekends Good afternoon swell like this all there goes still raining over there by Quito
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