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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

did you understand or did you not understand? ñaña Bribes? fog Whats up Kwjuzjanjmw go under the same roof riding fuckin day apurar Hi Havanna i want to break free Tree take it hambre amistad Mi culebra wambra Unable to properly process sentence. Fader pelea Tu no tienes q ser vago Love you HERMANO Paktachirishkamin teeny tiny better give us what we want Verde okay bye tullpo my princess Swim dos levantarse Es un mundo de blancos ..?l negro es ?l blanco perfecto Image Warior piscina snacks world coffe I dont understand Wood roll AND 1=1 novela love 358 yapa sumak-tunu wiwa Thank you Painkul Phamton information charger scratch Song of the wind elegance roses Say hi Volcano que no da espera suck my egg Buenas noches tenemos que practicar el kichwa para no perder la cultura ancestral cuidado Pro Tan bello es el sol tan bella esla luna ok corazon tgh tulu pacha Happy woman we don't have to light the fuse gailer suggestion Nuka penemepe yesterday perfume happiness Trail running Air I love you like a love song baby Walk Would you like some water fry Pencil steel pain 756 River warrior Nariz smile verguensa urban ENCONTRARA They were dressed like cool people back in the 1980s in my country. They would look silly there. Hi I love all your music Nice videos I dont know what to say? apple Samac warmi Napumanda Luck sausage Esc?chalo See you soon use a fastener to hold the two wheels yogether bershka ecuador she is life Ricurishka fit hero tood head Chupar huevo good foot duck house of worlds Del achachay tell me your story Mansana black laundry service Alangasi palnet Alli shunku I am sorry Wayrunku 430 encontro Voz tranquila Congratulations desks good bay gar shoes boys water vocabulary kuychi traveler noise dew Bit chicas Good morning zapato who is that man 980 me gusta comer pescado awe wao tededo what is your name baby Journey button fabric 514 pawk kraimi slap Silencio Homesick well lift cut cut cut Very informative article postReally looking forward to read more Fantastic aeedkdfffdfe Papel Drive Cliff tarea Vertical Party Alan laundry Happy royal fire Amor punsha play wife Feeling used But I'm Still missing you And I can't See the end of this Just wanna feel your kiss Against my lips And now all this time Is pass Tan bello es el sol tan bella es la luna alguien como tu no la cambio por ninguna grACIAS sean dadas al Padre People who know you also know Sweet sauce bay What is wrong? come to visit me whenever you want garden chupar Hi! I love all your music! Nice vids I dont know what to say?! Flower Alimentar before match sunshine machi we are the champions homemade class culture Sapa inca Ali pacha with people like one to grant visibly all of that numerous populaces would am inflicted with sold for electronic ebook to create selected jumps in fav Gym Indigo zapatos the texts in usa are expensive to be a class act play games da perro no perro Moringa do you want to have sex ayer me fui al estadio Welcome to de Inti Raymi. This is the most important ritual of our empire in the honor of our god Frio ganaderia 842 how are you? HELLO comodidad what is your name responsable balance is the key mashi bhgg let me see you Team Good morning we wanna welcome you and hope that you enjoy this tour. We are in service of all of your expected needs regarding security. Every seat c come to daddy middle of the world'A=0 Ve esche man PARADA DE BUS money afortunado diligente negro alto directo negro amable dos nueve amable duro obsecuente amarillento path alli Walks with clear mind 220 angel you makeme feel like its my fault i amin pain yes Affternoog visita bed guess de verdad Poncho del coraz?n Healing onone level the bread Thank you my lord brew Orange huasicama good evening enty 303 arrow de diana baby fall/autumn en que colegio estudias CORONA Sol saudade clothes insight shower run una Ni?o peque?o She has a purple skirt Raimblor Multimarket i will come to visit you llakta Beach 110 Indie me more heaven truthly tu mama es negra he pretends to be what is not Licuadora think tank Contacto put 'em up jewells
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