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Frases y oraciones gramaticales de kichwa a castellano y de castellano a kichwa que han sido listadas recientemente.

pacha energy Happy woman Wood roll what is your name baby did you understand or did you not understand? Carro you makeme feel like its my fault i amin pain Ele ve hijito amarcaras al guagua Pear pila messenger Taste Hello Kuychi Tierra wonder pinturas Wood roll AND 1=1 to travel ali pacha Walking resolved swords responsable Bio oil tell Alan Salud pencil doncella i'm tired of being what you want me to be feeling so faithless lost under the surface i don't know what you're expecting of me put under the press cancha cool Hi! I love all your music! Nice vids I dont know what to say?! escentea above dammit tren Light RETRIEVE sikillina Elders Frase inspiradora Love me left Stone Heart helo Our elders are medicine Yo voy al parque beb siguiente explicaremos la vestimenta de los otavalos y es la siguiente Poo History 864 lunes es NI?O Nadar Disciplina adolescent The sun moon wind water is all we need. Pleased to meet you! charger Indigo store Canoa my daughter She is life curious Error: Database connection failed It is possible that the database is overloaded or otherwise not running properly The site administrator should todos nosotros necesitamos amor Tia Interpretation Pastry Hi beautiful mama Escuela 94 Ropa Delphinidae Mother the fuck wifi Senor de animales Te amo mucho airplane Eat my ass Te amo Nariz boca pelo clumsy Yes siguiente cross NO PARKING Have a good Saturday one me more original muchas gacias Lonely Pumamaki Sleep 298 El lunes es el primer d?a de la semana me gusta comer pescado dog forest azucar random poop Happy Pollo foto Noticia what day is today Kind vestimenta piernas cause I never get hurt amar warm up a little knot see you surprise Ve esche man hermana prepare Faith adventure ZULEMA workshop El perro es cafe sunset el perro se esta ahogandose snow caminar turkey negro Good morning! Have a wonderful day! With respect hugs and support. Hope I got it right. LIFE WATER Superarme cow 326 Yellow Realness La constituci?n en vigencia cuenta con 136 art?culos y varios art?culos transitorios. La ?ltima re Party pool Hello jadi it's raining all over peace house cielo fall/auyumn ugly quechua culture ok my life wet mom arrow While perfection Very informative article postReally looking forward to read more Fantastic aeedkdfffdfe The cat is very tender respeto Y love you visit my country Minga Torch secretaria kill him Walks with clear mind Real 620 express puta My sister is beatiful Referrer: 950 Yapa Swim No decir nada hand to hand indie Hello jadi it's raining all over aesthetic Man customer I miss them charity Table whale estudiante peraro thanks god PASSWORD CAN NOT EMPTY we hi iam good morining kallamy stir Wawa insight bonjour Switch Verde Bucle corazon riding want to try say something in your language. simply thankyou for sharing your music with the world. . middle of the world Culo Mal amigo BUENOS DIAS i wannt stay close to you 1000 664 am your teacher Kwjuzjanjmw goodbye Creator guide my path Ground tell me the truth lie down child Can you spend a moment for jesus Your welcome aula I like chicha merry christmas My hear mala 110 Chair home are you nice? WHITE CHRISTMAS Oh Yeeah It's already here white Christmas arrived with his mantle of joy everything covers now Hey! It's here it's already w munani Cu?l es tu nombre solution Flames Papa rice Fate Prophecy and Equivocation Just as the Porter in Act 2 extemporizes about the sin of equivocation the play figures equivocation as one of its Pelo Kentucky Fried Chicken apellido perro KARI onone kawana Read and completr use the words in the box help pleasure pod trash africa thank you Cari?o Good night sister hola princesa WEAM takes Para cocina Choclo Sun god e commerce shite No Nuque Ref Roots From the bottom of my heart Crap Show good buy Wahas Esoteric Dear Laura Resau I thought that the book was very good I have realized that many people have been through a lot of problems. The story was very insp z path join where were you born Park GRASS write house the noise of a cursed life sopa de ava new york Snack 976 earth Munajae ushana warmi everithing is ok Tarpunkusun sarata less 101. world 102 year 103. before 104. state 105. against 106. bell 107. shape 108. case 109. nothing 110. to do zhungo Reservation excuse me what the fuck? united states of america orquesta tickle unique ellla
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